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Fri, Feb. 16th, 2007, 12:26 am
The Project Begins

(As always with my posts, click the images for full size versions.)

It started out with just me wanting a hang board to do some basic training in my room on my off days. So, I looked into it, and ordered one. Yesterday (wednesday), it arrived. I went to the hardware store, bought some screws, a little piece of plywood, and a stud finder, and went to town. I soon discovered that most of the doorways in my room didn't actually have studs over them, just drywall. This forced me to put my hang board in a somewhat inconvenient place, over 8 feet in the air, requiring even me to perform a short jump to reach it.

I quickly realized and accepted that I needed some way to more easily reach this board other than a chair. While I may be able to jump up to it, it's not exactly the most pleasant way to start a workout, and shorter people are totally screwed trying to reach it. A chair is sub-optimal. So, what's the logical conclusion? Obviously, the walls around it need some basic climbing holds to climb up to the hang board.

So I looked into getting some basic holds. It turns out, as I expected, that most holds use the bolt system, which requires using T-Nuts and such in plywood. There are some screw-on holds, but I would still need to put some kind of base onto the wall to prevent me from doing too much irreversible damage to the drywall. So I'd need to get some 2x4s and some plywood, and form a little mini wall around the doorway.

Then again, I've gone this far - why stop there? I did some measurements, and it looked like I could really use the whole corner of my room for a little climbing area. Using the 2x4 offsets from the wall, I wouldn't even do too much damage to the wall - nothing a little putty won't fix when we move out! I moved my dressers out of the way and made some more detailed measurements. Said measurements and initial plans looked like this:

I borrowed my parents' minivan for this evening, and 200$ of lumber/screws/wood glue at Lowes and 275$ in climbing holds and t-nuts and equipment and such at REI later, I have everything in the garage to start putting this together tomorrow. After my soccer game, I took the remainder of the evening doing all the prepwork for the wall. I more carefully measured and drew out where all the studs in the walls are, so I know exactly where I'm going to screw in the 2x4s tomorrow.

Finally, I much more carefully measured all the walls that I'd be working on, and figured out exactly what to cut all the wood to tomorrow. Good thing I have a couple big whiteboards lying around. They make planning easy.

And now that that's all done, I'm ready to cut up all the wood tomorrow. It turns out that I bought 12 2x4s when I needed 14. Also, I only bought 100 T-Nuts, to complement the 35 or so that came on the climbing holds that I got. It was all that REI of Redmond had. From my calculations (the standard pattern seems to be a T-Nut every 8 inches, in a grid), I need almost twice this many to fully deck out my wall properly. So, tomorrow, I'm going to pick up 2 more 2x4s, and try to locate another 5 or 6 25-packs of T-Nuts, probably at the downtown REI, if possible, or any other climbing store that I can find in the area. If I can't, I'll probably end up ordering a few more sets through Metolius online, and they'd be here monday. I'd just only put up whatever I could properly fill up before monday, which would be sub-optimal, but okay. I'm probably going to need to buy more holds, anyway. As I slowly realize the size of this project, I begin to realize that I probably didn't buy enough...

Fri, Feb. 16th, 2007 06:51 pm (UTC)

You spent $500+ dollars on a climbing wall for a room you're going to live in for ... how long?

you dear, are insane. However, it's an excellent project.

Fri, Feb. 16th, 2007 06:54 pm (UTC)

Eh, another at least 6 months, unless we sign a lease for another year, which I don't think is entirely out of the question, and it's virtually all transferrable when I move. The holds are all completely reusable, and the tnutted plywood sheets will move over too. Even the 2x4s could probably be reused, were I to care, but at 2$ each, I don't know how much I'll care.

Fun fun!